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Andrea Fearnely

Meet one of our Slade Health Superstars, Andrea.

Andrea Fearnley is Australia and New Zealand’s procurement assistant working remotely from her home office. Andrea shares below how she loves that no day is the same and how her commitment to connecting with various departments ensures there is a smooth and continuous supply of medication for patients having treatment.  


What is the main function of your role at Slade Health?
In my role as procurement assistant, I work with Australia and New Zealand to assist and support the Slade Health purchasing department. Some of my daily tasks include involve monitoring stock levels for all ANZ sites, updating our ordering system, monitoring out of stock lines, new item request, supplier applications and any request that come through to the procurement email for Slade Health. 

What do you enjoy most about your week?
Every day is different in this fast-paced industry. There is always something new happening and a new challenge that presents itself each day. I love being able to connect to various departments and hope that I can make a difference to patients who are receiving treatment by ensuring continuous supply. 

How long have you worked at Icon Group and Slade Health? Did you start in a different role before the one you are currently in?
I started in 2005 as a compounding technician for Pharmatel. After that I moved into a logistics role for Fresenius Kabi and have been very fortunate to be given many different opportunities to grow my career to where it is today.  

How would you describe working at Icon Group?
I am passionate about the work I do at Icon and knowing that as a team we have delivered the best care possible to as many people as possible as close to home as possible. The job is challenging but very rewarding. Everyone I work with has always been supportive and I strive to always align myself to the values of the company.  

What aspirations do you have for your career at Icon/Slade Health?
My career aspirations are to continue learning and developing in my field. I aspire to continue to contribute significantly to the values of the company. 


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