Senior Scientist Larissa Gomes dos Reis discusses Slade’s new Stability Laboratory

Slade Writers / 23 Aug, 2021

Larissa Gomes dos Reis is Senior Scientist of Slade Health's new stability laboratory located at our Mt Kuring-gai facility in Sydney.

The new laboratory and the lab team bring expert in-house scientific knowledge and capability to Slade Health, allowing us to undertake detailed testing of our compounded products.

Originally from a small town in Brazil, Larissa came to Australia to complete her pharmacy degree on a scholarship to the University of Sydney. She later completed her PhD in Medicine focused on Gene Therapy. Prior to working in the health industry, Larissa briefly worked in the agricultural field, and has spent most of her time in pharmaceutical research. She found the switch to healthcare rewarding.

“It has been very exciting to be part of the stability laboratory project from the outset. The project moved pretty quickly from start to finish and we are very pleased with the end result.”

“Having the capacity to conduct scientific analysis and inspection of both component materials and final compounded products, means we can have greater assurance of the quality and safety of our products.”

“By having the laboratory on-site we can ensure availability of products with a shelf-life that supports practical usage in Australian hospitals. Patients will have access to the highest possible quality of compounded products, even in rural and regional areas of Australia.”

The lab is part of the Regulatory, Medical and Scientific Affairs Department in Slade Health and currently has a team of scientists providing a wide range of scientific expertise from physicochemical laboratory testing of products to cell culture and in-depth biological assays.

“Every day is an opportunity to learn more about how we can deliver the safest products for patients – particularly in the oncology field. Emerging treatments will demand very bespoke ways to store, compound and deliver products.”

“With the stability lab we’ll be able to deliver these new products in the fastest, safest manner possible to multiple regions of Australia, under the stringent requirements of the TGA.”

“Slade customers should be very confident in the quality of product that we are delivering.”

The stability lab will also undertake infusion device performance testing.

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