Mount Kuring-gai moved and inspired by Anna’s story

Slade Writers / 04 Jul, 2023

Our facility at Mount Kuring-gai recently had the privilege of hosting Anna, a breast cancer survivor from Leeton in regional NSW, and Majella Gallagher, Advocacy and External Relations and Emma Phillips, Executive Director at Can Assist.

The visit was an opportunity for the Slade Health and Slade Pharmacy teams to hear from Anna, who shared a glimpse into her personal cancer journey after she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in 2017.

Anna expressed the impact her diagnosis had on herself and family, the challenging side effects, and the exceptional support she received from Can Assist.

Can Assist is a not-for-profit organisation providing a critical link for many people in rural, regional and remote NSW to receive financial assistance and practical support during their cancer treatment.

With a shared vision to bring treatment closer to home for cancer patients and ensure everyone can receive the best possible care, regardless of where they live, Slade is proud to have supported Can Assist for many years.

“The day was valuable on so many levels. We walked away impressed with David Slade’s (Icon Group Global Director – Compounding and Pharmacy) amazing compassion, and to be honest I have not stopped talking about the visit,” said Emma.

“Just today I met up with a friend who is receiving chemo for her lung cancer and I told her all about the care and professionalism of the Slade team behind the scenes. Can Assist deeply values our relationship with Slade. Thank you for the opportunity to share in this with you,” she said.

As an industry leading compounder, Slade Health delivers over one million life-saving products annually and supports over 200 hospital partners to deliver the very best in responsive patient care.

Visits from patients like Anna and the team at Can Assist bring to into focus the powerful impact of what we do at Slade and highlight how the collaborative network of healthcare providers and organisations makes a real, positive difference to people with cancer and their family.

To learn more about Can Assist and the valuable assistance they provide, visit

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