COVID-19 Update September 2021 – Message from David Slade

David Slade / 27 Aug, 2021

A message from David SladeĀ 

For Slade Health, like our hospital partners across Australia, the patient is at the centre of everything we do. We would like to acknowledge the many frontline health workers, particularly in the south and eastern states of Australia – who are currently working around the clock delivering exceptional care in very difficult and challenging circumstances. We send our best wishes to all healthcare providers across Australia.

We continue to ensure our sites and our response to Covid remains current with all relevant government requirements especially with the delta variant causing great concern amongst communities and workplaces. We remain focused on keeping our sites and our people safe to ensure we maintain our production capacity across our compounding network to ensure the continued, safe supply of compounded products.

We are continuously following all government directions and advice, and updating our screening and cleaning practices in response to the evolving situation in each state.

Health and safety of our workforce

  • Extensive additional controls within our facilities are being maintained to ensure minimal crossover of staff between shifts and teams. These actions are designed to minimise the risk of transmission within our teams.
  • We are actively encouraging our teams to be vaccinated against Covid and have provided paid leave options to complete their vaccination requirements.
  • Our highly engineered cleanroom facilities and equipment, alongside our trained and validated staff and processes, are designed to protect the integrity and safety of all our compounded products.

Distribution of compounded products

  • Our dedicated logistics team is ensuring the ongoing movement of product from our facilities to our partner hospitals. The team provides live tracking updates and is maintaining a continuous dialogue with logistic partners to manage any transport disruptions.
  • We have our own courier fleet and earlier in the year added additional ground support throughout the NSW central coast. We retain close contact with emergency services to ensure their support to deliver life-saving medicines if required.

Supply chain

  • Our experienced procurement team have assessed the supply of all materials and services that are needed to operate our manufacturing facilities. We currently are not experiencing any issues around supply.
  • Each of our sites have warehouse facilities, which are maintaining sufficient buffer stock. We have alternate supplier arrangements if required and keep in close contact with suppliers to ensure essential medicines are available.

We ask that wherever possible, please place your orders for compounded products as far in advance as you can. This will help us significantly in scheduling compounding operations to maintain a consistent supply.

Thank you for your continued support throughout this time.

Please contact your local Key Account Manager should you require further information.

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