Avondale marks one year of delivering lifesaving products to NZ patients

Slade Writers / 10 Oct, 2023

As one of New Zealand’s leading licensed compounders, Slade Health Avondale celebrated 12 months of operations at its Auckland-based facility on Tuesday 3 October, 2023.

Developed in partnership with Te Toka Tumai Auckland, Slade Health Avondale services both public and private hospitals and provides a comprehensive range of sterile infusions, including chemotherapy, antibiotics, analgesics and clinical trials.

Avondale delivers over 40 per cent of chemotherapy products to patients with cancer in New Zealand. It was built to meet the growing needs of New Zealand’s health system, with capacity to produce a broad range of formulations and clinical trials.

Slade Health Country Manager Philippa Trout said the team was proud of its contribution to the nation’s healthcare.

“In our first year of operation, our Avondale team of 30 – pharmacists, technicians, logistics and administration employees – has produced and dispatched approximately 300 essential infusions to New Zealanders every day,” Ms Trout said.

“We’ve compounded 50,000 oncology, clinical trials and antibiotics units and couriered 1,900 deliveries to Te Toka Tumai facilities.

“This incredible effort has been underpinned by our team’s deep commitment to patient care, quality, innovation and integrity. It’s a privilege that we take very seriously.”

Global Director – Compounding and Pharmacy for Icon Group and founder of Slade Health, David Slade said the Avondale facility plays a critical role in helping to meet the growing demands placed on the nation’s healthcare system.

“To meet this demand and to build capacity to address future cancer projections, Slade Health is expanding our Avondale facility, validating a third cleanroom to undertake non-hazardous compounding,” Mr Slade said.

“We look forward to continuing to work in partnership with Te Toka Tumai in delivering quality products and care to our patients.”

With the number of patients with cancer expected to double by 2040, and treatments becoming more personalised and complex, innovation and technology capabilities of facilities like Slade Health Avondale are crucial for New Zealand.

As part of its anniversary celebrations, Slade Health welcomed guests to join the team at Avondale, including Deborah Russell, Minister for New Lynn, who congratulated the team on their efforts so far.

Slade Health is proudly part of global integrated cancer care provider, Icon Group, whose mission is to deliver the best care possible, to as many people as possible as close to home as possible. Icon extends its commitment to the New Zealand community through its cancer treatment facility in Wellington – Bowen Icon Cancer Centre.

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